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Are you looking for a course that teaches you to the basics of a great photo? Would you like to get to know your camera?

You can get this photo course as part of our tours or as a separate 1 day course.


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Photography course

We will start the lesson by exploring the understanding of composition and how it can help turning a good photo into a great one. This is where you learn what “the Golden cut” is and how you achieve it, as well as what guiding lines means. Basically, composing a photo is all about how to construct a picture.

A great photo reveals a story by how your eyes naturally soar across the picture. You can achieve this deliberately by directing the composition with clarity, balance and order – but don’t limit yourself, as rules are there to be broken!

Aside from composition, you will also learn about aperture, shutter-speed and ISO and how you can manipulate these effects. After the theory, we will go out and test what we have learned in the Australian bush and practice on the different types of photography suitable for nature, such as portrait, wildlife, abstract and landscape.

When we have taken our shots of the day, we will look at the photos together and give constructive feedback, and thus become greater photographers.

Please bring your own digital camera.

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