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Terms and Conditions


Please read the below information carefully. When making a booking, you confirm that you and every other person covered by your booking agree to be bound by these conditions and the terms of the contract. Your payment constitutes consent to and acceptance of all conditions, terms and general information contained within this document.

By utilising C-Australia Tours services you agree that the jurisdiction of any claim or action against us of whatever nature under this contract would be the in the state of Victoria, Australia as ruled by applicable Victorian law.

Bookings can be made via email to info@C-Australia.com. For phone support, please call Christian Nikolajsen on +61 490 488 986 or +45 40 10 50 91. To ensure the best possible services and the greatest itinerary including your requests, the bookings should be made as early as possible.

The price includes all as per contract and description in your itinerary.

The price does not include travel to and from Australia. Also excluded are airport fees and/or taxes, travel and baggage insurance, passport fees, visa fees, excess baggage fees, meals or drinks not specified in the itinerary and all expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, telephone calls, WIFI, optional tours and gratuities for guides, restaurant waiters, drivers etc.

Before booking confirmation you are welcome to request any changes and alterations to ensure the itinerary perfectly suits your needs. Any changes, to the itinerary after confirmation and receipt of a deposit, will incur an amendment fee of $100 per request. However, additional service requests can be booked at the cost price. Any changes to the agreed itinerary should be made as early as possible to ensure availability. Once full payment has been received, no further changes can be made. Only emergency changes will be considered.

We will always endeavour to honour the itinerary exactly as supplied. However, situations may arise making it necessary for us to cancel, advance or postpone a scheduled departure, change itineraries or arrange alternative hotels/Caravan parks, restaurants or modes of transportation. C-Australia Tours, therefore, reserves the right to - when deemed necessary - substitute hotels/Caravan parks listed for other equivalent hotels/Caravan Parks. We will do our utmost to find hotels/Caravan Parks in the same category and price range. Confirmation of your reservation at the quoted tour price is therefore subject to availability. C-Australia Tours reserves the right to make any necessary alterations to the itinerary as we may find desirable for your convenience and the proper carrying out of services, such as changes in the sequence of visits, time changes etc. In the case of more important changes, we will contact you to discuss such changes.

The standard pricing structure is per-person. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

The trip is subject to a deposit of 10% of the total price, payable within 14 days of booking. Once C-Australia Tours has received the deposit we agree to honour the advertised price for the booked guest number and dates, irrespective of any supplier cost increases. Prices indicated remain subject to change until the deposit has been received.

Payment of the balance is due 30 days before service start.

For late bookings made within 30 days of departure full payment is due within 3 days. All payments can be made by direct deposit (Will be informed after the booking).

If you wish to cancel all or part of your booking, you must notify C-Australia Tours as soon as possible. At the time of cancellation, you will be refunded the amount you have already paid less the cancellation charge as detailed below. When written notice is received by us: Cancellation Fee: 60 or more days before scheduled service start date ZERO cancellation fee 31-59 days before scheduled service start date 25% of the cancellation value Within 30 days of scheduled service start date 100% of the cancellation value.

C-Australia Tours reserves the right to cancel or make changes where necessary on operational or safety grounds or where this is the result of something entirely unforeseeable and outside our control such as (but not exclusive to) war or threat of war, terrorist activity or the threat of this, riots or other civil disorder, any natural or nuclear disaster, fire, airport closure, act of any government organisation, any industrial action, medical emergency and adverse weather conditions. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel, cut short or abandon a tour, we will credit your account with the price you have paid. The compensation can never exceed the price you have paid.

C-Australia Tours shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accidents, delay or irregularity which may happen due to any defect in any mode of transport, or through the negligence of any firm or person engaged in conveying participants or being involved in carrying out the arrangements of the tours, or of any hotel proprietor or staff, or for any failure in the part of a hotel to provide any of the facilities normally available. We will not be liable for any failure or improper performance which is caused by the fault of the passenger, or by the unforeseeable or unavoidable act or omission of any person unconnected with the contract or by unusual and unforeseeable circumstances or events beyond our control where the consequences could not have been avoided even with proper due care. C-Australia Tours accepts no responsibility for any loss, additional expenses or distress due to delays or changes in any mode of transport or travel services, sickness, weather, earthquakes, tornados, bushfires, strikes, war, quarantine, etc.

Should all or part of the services received not be as expected, then a claim must be filed in writing within 21 days after the completion of the tour. Failure to provide us with notice in writing will preclude your right to pursue a claim against our suppliers or us. We will investigate any claims and respond, within 21 days. C-Australia Tours shall not be responsible for any delays, substitutions of equipment, or any act of omission whatsoever by the supplier, their agents and employees. If it is found that C-Australia Tours or its suppliers have failed to perform their contractual obligations, you shall be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the service(s) not delivered, without any additional claim for compensation. All services are subject to the law of the country in which the services are provided, i.e. Australia.

C-Australia Tours recommends the following information be provided to the guests before departure.

All passengers must have a valid passport. Passports must remain valid for at least 6 months after the scheduled completion of the tour.

Passengers must ensure that they comply with all entry/visitor visa plus health and vaccination requirements. Meeting the local health requirements is each individual’s responsibility.

All passengers must have comprehensive travel insurance.

Please be aware that any required medical assistance will incur extra costs. Medical attention for emergencies and prescription drugs may on occasion be limited and less accessible. Passengers should carry the necessary medication and prescription drugs with them in their original packaging.

For baggage allowance and dimensions, please check the policy from each Airline used. Surcharges due to overweight, oversized or extra bags are each passenger’s responsibility. C-Australia Tours takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged baggage. All queries should be directed to the carrier.

All travelling carries a level of risk. The sun in Australia is stronger than elsewhere, especially in the summer months (December-March). It is recommended to use sunscreen SPF30+ plus a wide-brimmed hat and tops with sleeves especially during the middle of the day to avoid potentially damaging exposure. Water should be carried and guests should stay well hydrated. On outdoor excursions in remote areas, it may be necessary to carry up to 3 litres of water per person to avoid dehydration. All safety signage should be adhered to at all times to avoid unnecessary risks. Wildlife can be cute, but may also be unpredictable and caution should be observed at all times. Items found in Australia, such as rocks, soil, plants, marine items etc. belong in Australia. It is illegal to remove items without prior permission or consent from the appropriate authority. “Take only photos with you – and leave only footprints behind”.