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Who is your Tourguide?

On all of C-Australia exclusive private tours in Australia I, Christian Nikolajsen, will be your tour guide, driver, chef and photographer.

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of the unique Australian nature along with gastronomy and photography, which is why our focus will be on understanding the Australian nature and culture as well as tasting the produce of this vast land through a gourmet styled menu. Because of my knowledge of the country, I can also arrange longer trips across nearby states.

I was born and raised in the inner city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Despite living in the urban jungle, my grandparents took me on long and exciting summer holidays to the country throughout my childhood. I would play an explorer who discovered distant places full of strange and unknown nature, and it was here that I developed my intense passion for nature and wildlife.

On the first journey of my youth, destiny was that I would find the love of my life and we haven’t stopped travelling since. Many times our inner travel magnet has turned towards Australia. That has resulted in a specialized insight on what to look for throughout the states and territories of Australia.

In the later years, we decided to settle in Melbourne due to its easy access to stunning landscape and variety of wildlife. It is here all my tours will start from, as well.